Another attempt at sketching in Photoshop. This one turned out better, I think.

Photoshop Sketch: Girl

Trying to improve my lighting skills...

I'm good at creating atmosphere but can't seem to get it right when it comes to detailed sketches. I like the texture of the hair here, though.

It's obvious I didn't do much life drawing, eh? One of the pitfalls of not having done Fine Arts in college.

Illustrations for Chitrakala

I'm participating in the Katha Chitrakala competition this year for the first time! It's organized by Katha, a Delhi-based NGO, and requires illustrating for a children's book. The results of the nominees for the grand prize(s) will be out in May.

I went a little out of my comfort zone with the style of drawing and did everything entirely in Photoshop. It's definitely different from my standard stuff and I'm quite happy with it.

UPDATE: Alas, I did not make it to round 2 of the competition. Ah well. Next time maybe.

Sanjayaa (2008)

Sanjayaa is my last and final project (diploma) as a post-graduate student of Animation at the National Institute of Design. It is my first individual project, and one where I have done every single thing myself, right from the animation to the music.

The film portrays the journey of a sexually abused child.

It was made entirely in 2D (paper animation) and coloured on Adobe Photoshop CS. It was composited using Adobe After Effects 7 and edited on Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5.

©Subhangi Subramanian 2008/ National Institute of Design 2008.

For The Moment (2007)

This film was made as the final class project by Priyanka Kaushal and myself. It was made using different media - 2D animation on paper, oil paint on glass, and live action frames edited on Photoshop (in a method similar to rotoscoping.)

Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro were used for editing and compositing.

The film was screened at the 2008 edition of OSIAN Cinefan in New Delhi.

© Subhangi Subramanian/National Institute of Design 2007

Feedback (2007)

This film was a class project made together by ten students as part of a workshop conducted by Basque animator Isabel Herguera. It won the Best Student Film Award at ASIFA India 2007, Mumbai.

Each frame was made with paint on glass and captured using GB Timelapse. The film was edited and composited using Adobe Premiere Pro. The soundtrack, called "Feedback" is by Ojos de Brujo from their album Techari, and has been edited for the film by Xabier Erkizia.

In addition to winning at ASIFA, it was also the Runner up in the Best Film category at the Pune International Film Festival, 2007, and was screened at the Mumbai International Film Festival in February 2008.

© Subhangi Subramanian/National Institute of Design 2007

Time Up (2007)

This clay animation film was a group project done as part of the academic curriculum at NID. The models were made from a base of thermocole, sponge foam and wire, then covered with glue and clay. M-Seal was used on the non-moving parts to make it strong.

The film was shot using a Canon camera connected to GB Timelapse, edited on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After-Effects, and finally composited on Adobe Premiere Pro.

© National Institute of Design 2007

Forbidden Fruit (2006)

This stop-motion film was a group project and part of the academic curriculum at NID. The story is an alternate version of Adam and Eve... with Adam entirely absent, and a lot more chaos!

It was shot in live-action with props, on a blue background that was replaced later on Adobe Photoshop. It was composited using Adobe After Effects 7 and edited on Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5.

This film was nominated for the Best Film (Graduate Film Category) at the Annecy Animation Film Festival in France, 2008.

© National Institute of Design 2006

American History X: Behind Blue Eyes

This was a video remix I did using scenes from American History X and the song "Behind Blue Eyes" by Limp Bizkit. I edited it using only Adobe Premiere Pro.

For those who have not seen the movie, be warned - this video contains spoilers.

© Subhangi Subramanian 2006