Sanjayaa (2008)

Sanjayaa is my last and final project (diploma) as a post-graduate student of Animation at the National Institute of Design. It is my first individual project, and one where I have done every single thing myself, right from the animation to the music.

The film portrays the journey of a sexually abused child.

It was made entirely in 2D (paper animation) and coloured on Adobe Photoshop CS. It was composited using Adobe After Effects 7 and edited on Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5.

©Subhangi Subramanian 2008/ National Institute of Design 2008.


Ubi said...

Nice one.. poignant.

You're very creative, and you've a way of narrating things - pictorial! I think you would do really good on movies/animation that are meant to communicate a message. All the best in your endeavors!

I'll keep visiting now and then :)

Subhangi Subramanian said...

@Ubi: Thanks. I'm not animating at the moment but I hope to resume it soon :)

Pradeep said...

very moving and disturbing.. excellent job.